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TALULA f/w 2009 // via LeFashion


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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Almost Birthday me.

We leave for Portland Wednesday for New Years Eve with the Turner family.

Gus is a successful traveler.

I love my husband more and more everyday.

2009 has been my greatest year.

(More on that later)

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love, gus

love, scott

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catnip wednesday

a few photos of augustus. he’s getting so big. kitten come back!

his favorite catnip squirrel


he’s crazy.

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a girl can dream

with christmas coming and my birthday eleven days after, find myself dreaming of some fun things to ask for. for example…

[macbook pro] – this is almost a necessity. my old powerbook g4 works well, but i’m so outdated with all the newness from apple. i have a feeling it will poop out soon! hello educational discount and monthly payments! hint.

[canon eos 50d] – this is a sure stretch, but i always have loved photography and haven’t had the luxury to have a real slr camera. i need to save for one, for sure.

[vintage mirror] – i’ve been looking for one for ages and haven’t found one like this anywhere in a reasonable price! come on thrift stores! of course this one’s sold out ha. [highstreetmarket]

just love this ring. [sparklethots]

i’m sure scott will make fun of me if i wear these awesome heels. that’s what he gets for wearing that awful $3 green shirt of his. [f21]

why not? [f21]

i have been eying this sham (i think its a sham… or decorative pillow?) everytime i go into target. i want 2 to complete my bedroom!! [target]

if i had to pick a candle to have around for the rest of my life, this would be it. mom, can you hear me? [anthropologie]

just so pretty. the color is perfect. [anthropologie]

so fun. a girl can dream.

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