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brazilian brightness

brazilian art courtesy of [educastelo]


2366959283_6ccb9037d7_b2442713247_95d11db144_b3764503364_8793449863_ointo it?


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i found this on mashable.com’s blog – so stinkin cute.

Google Maps Street View Proposal 2.0

Google Maps street view

[Malcaiah pointed us to the most romantic map image we’ve ever seen. Googler Michael Weiss-Malik wasn’t satisfied with his initial proposal, so he worked with the Street View team to coordinate a line up of Googlers to help him with his Proposal 2.0. The world can view his very romantic second try on Google Maps.]

check out the rest of their blog for other “techy” romantic social media finds. [mashable.com]

scott and i were looking on google maps earlier and found our cars up in seattle. oh the memories.

scott’s car:

Picture 1

my car

Picture 2

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Silver the shores of isles I’ve known
Boulevards of dancing boats

Silver the shores of isles I’ve known

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if i was a cat…

i would want to live here.


Cat walk beams that built in open air space.Cat steps that goes up to the cat walk.Cat house under the bathroom sink.Cat door in every door in the house!Cat deck built in to the window.Extra space for a litter box in the bathroom.Extra cat room hidden under the stairs.
Special fences around the house to prevent cats from escaping.
Another example of special fences around the house to prevent cats from escaping.
The use of pet friendly construction materials. This particular wall is kitteh scratch free.

[modern cat and mycatgoma via ffffound.com]

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wedding week

Picture 5

five of my bridesmaids took me down to san diego on monday for the most incredible bachelorette party ever. we got our nails done, ate really great food, walked all around downtown san diego, stayed in a super old hotel with crappy slow elevators and a friendly front desk man, laughed so hard, shopped alot, danced even more, broke new wedge sandals, and found ourselves on the roof top of our hotel in the end. it was such a good time. i love you girls so much. so much!

[some photos of the festivities]






[this is exactly what it looks like]

Picture 3

the next few days were a bit sucky – i had received an early wedding present from my fiance – a head cold! wednesday morning, my grandmother and i met amanda down in the flower district to pick out and up flowers for the big day. i spent the rest of that day in bed, resting. scott and his fam came later on that day. we showed them around the ranch, since this was the first time they had visited the ranch! talk about anticipation. and i could barely talk.. hoarse of course.


thursday was preparation and rehearsal day: craft projects, organizing everything, flower arrangements assembly, bridal party arriving, lauren coming in from seattle!, among other things. it was a hard day for me, seeing that i had a lot to get done all at the same time wanting to be with scott and our friends, enjoying their company and soaking in the whole experience.

Picture 2[rehearsal invite]

the rehearsal was great, rehearsal dinner was delicious also (at the round table pizza parlor? yeeees please)





from there, lauren and i spent the night in my old “house.”  it was IMPOSSIBLE to even try sleeping, i was just glad i got 2 hours.  i kept thinking of the things needed to be done still, lists to be made, things to NOT forget, all the while thinking that i was GETTING MARRIED in only a few hours. i had waited, prayed, and dreamt of august 21 my whole life. it was actually there. my phone said the date. the calendar said the date. it was really here. woahhhhhhh woah.

the day of the wedding was a blur. i spent the first half drinking coffee with lauren, getting last minute things, running around like a crazy person, yelling at the rental company, looking for people, hiding from scott, and trying to breathe.

it was completely worth it. stay tuned for the actual festivities recap, coming when i get a chance to rehash the emotional roller coaster of that night.

oh btw, being married is incredible.

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