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Picture 13

here’s some images i’ve collected on my desktop… i need to organize, starting… now. sorry there’s no links to where i got em! most of them aren’t mine, just inspirational!




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Image-181533-1429262-HMSRoebuckLowil_fullxfull74570279IMG_7415-425x283Picture 12Picture 11bloom2billy_buttons_03400paperfinger-calligraphy-4billy_buttons_054521_88579754329_610684329_1793232_7323621_nwedding_wheelhappy weekend!


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two months to go

Picture 7

only two months until scott and i will be in wedded bliss. HOLY CRAP. 

now, that “holy crap” is an excited “holy crap”, not a freaked out “holy crap.” everything is just peachy and wonderful. we’ve been SO beyond blessed with love and support from everyone, its crazy! i’m just so excited to see everything come together and be tangible… from the decorations, to the invites (printed today!), to everyone celebrating with us.

its gonna be a good time. 


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friday lovelies

check out “friday lovelies” over here!


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hey brother

i miss my little [or not so little] brother, shayne. he’s always missed, but especially recently its been hitting me.

he’s been gone since january with the marines serving our country, doing whatever he’s doing. 

please keep him in your prayers… that he gets home safely in august. 

i swear he grows taller and thicker everytime he comes back from training/missions.

Picture 1

i’m proud of him, but not his fashion sense. 

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its my summer break! well, my week and a few days of relaxation and fun. 



i moved into a new apartment this weekend….as good as its gonna get here in bakersfield. downtown area, red walls, crown molding, black and white checkered tile, and just the coolest neighbors. totally stoked! i can’t wait until scott moves in after we’re married. its called the New Yorker, we’re apartment #25 and even have a courtyard with a koi pond. not bad bakersfield.

this weekend scott and i are going to see ben kweller at the el ray in LA, so stoked. and then monday we’re driving up to san luis obispo to see mewithoutYou. ALOT of driving, but alot of fun.

oh yeah, check out my random rundown over at the ITN Blog! [here]

almost 2 months until our wedding!! YIKES.


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i miss ’em

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