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well, french fries float

pardon this please, but this news excited me so much. 

this got released january 5th (my birthday!) and i couldn’t be happier.  

its about time, jody. 

now, where is phil? that news would make me even happier. 

better yet, go on a tour playing old songs (gp, tmtyl, suttm)

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Jan. 5, 2009— Guitarist Jody Davis returns to newsboys after a five-year hiatus. Davis, who was a member of the band from 1993-2003, contributed to many of newsboys’ greatest hits like “Shine,” “Entertaining Angels,” and “It is You.” In 2003, he took time off to care for his daughter, Bethany, who has cerebral palsy.

“I am thrilled to be returning to the band and back with my bandmates, who are some of my best friends,” says Davis. “This is a big change in my life, and I’m looking forward to the tour and new record with excitement.”

Peter Furler, lead vocalist for newsboys, is also excited about Davis’ return. “Jody is like a brother to all of us, and we have missed him greatly over the last five years. It’s going to be great to have him back with us.”

Paul Colman, who played guitar with newsboys the last three years, will be continuing his solo career and performing shows nationwide in 2009. “My three years with newsboys were among the best of my life. I learned an immeasurable amount about music, ministry, and life, and am happy to say I left with all our friendships wonderfully intact. I always was and always will be one of newsboys’ biggest fans. I am very excited about the return of Jody Davis!”

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talk about a new year with new beginnings.

as of this year i am now
– a fiance
– attending a university, finally
– living in a real apartment
– planning a wedding
– planning a new life
– 22
i’d say that’s really sweet.
this year’s christmas ranks up on the top of the list as far as christmases go. hawaii, both families, and just great quality time. i’m so blessed by my family! why  has it taken so long to really understand that? freaking shannon. you suck sometimes.
speaking of family – my brother, shayne left this week for up to a year on his marine tour of duty. please keep him in your prayers. he’s excited but doesn’t quite know what to expect. i love my little annoying loving brother. 
well, its off to plan a bit more. or just brainstorm. or just hang out. or whatever. 

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