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Yesterday my grandmother and i went to San Marino to tag along with my grandfather’s UCLA class as they explored the Huntington Library & Gardens.

He teaches all the time over at UCLA Plant Material and stuff like that. He can tell you any plant’s common & botanical name without blinking.
I had never been here nor experienced anything quite like it. For being so close to where I live, i’m ashamed that I hadn’t visited sooner. The gardens were insanely lush and beautiful, especially with the statues and small details hidden inside. The several art galleries were beautiful and so diverse. 
If you haven’t gone there, go. Call me and I’ll go with you. I can’t type anymore about it without sounding crazy. 
Photos will speak for themselves.

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here are some photos from stuff that’s been going on.

Thrice @ HOB Anaheim. Great show, I might add.

Spiraled Stem “Fixing Flower Emergency” Class. (Made that!^)

Driving alot to see & hang out with Scott. Early morning drives, NBD. 

And next week, this is where I will lay my head. School free, just my family, scott, and me. 

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i want this.

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rest in peace

smokey, the champ, 18 years old!

get ready for sappy-ville, population me.

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