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kitchen aid

today, against scott’s wishes and threatening his sanity, we will be doing our registry. 

i still am having issues asking for so many things. i know everyone does this (well mostly), its a great thing for married couples to aid in staring new lives together, and it helps guests with present purchasing. yet, i can’t help but feel like i’m just asking and asking for more and more things. i can get by now, i really can. i want things that you can’t necessarily purchase…  

i want a place that FEELS like home,

i want (and really do have) a love that never ends,

i want friendship, i want truth, i want faith,  i want spontaneity, i want stability


with all that said, registering is protocol, and i do enjoy designing our space.

i have decided on going for a neutral base – white and natural (dark) wood with accent pieces (such as appliances and furniture) to be jewel tones. i have a pretty good start on this. 


so, where now? could there be more choices? seriously, kitchen-aid, why did you make so many awesomely colored blenders? which do i pick? i LOVE the green apple, empire red, and tangerine. these along with other white appliances will defffinetly spice things up in the kitchen – something a newbie, such as me – needs despierately!!

pray for my love’s sanity – he really doesn’t like spending large amounts at target and bed, bath, and beyond.

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i’ve always been fascinated with numbers and date, the significance they hold and coincidences they form.

the 21st of the month has been especially awesome, seeing that it is today!

december 21 – scott asked me to marry him (i was also 21 years old)

april 21 – today, aka 4 months down & 4 months to go

august 21 – our wedding day

its exciting counting down to our big day. 



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today is an ending to an extended weekend. status = very happy & content. 
these photos were taken with my iphone, with an app called “quadcam” 
i strongly advise purchasing it. i’m stingy when it comes to buying apps, actually this is the first i’ve ever bought. so you know its good. 

meet Sage – my grandparent’s golden lab. preshhh.
large indian in bakersfield. surprised?
emilee came up to bakersfield on her spring break. its the new destination. 
we took her to our favorite spot, “the junction.”
believe it or not, this place is amaaaazing. old cowboys, tone-deaf singers, and dj mac spinning the karaoke hits.
last night was no exception – everyone had a great time. we’ll make you believers.
experimenting with quad cam at chipotle with my love. we’re [almost] halfway through our 8 month engagement. 
its going by fast. its all downhill from here – time wise. probably uphill with all the planning and schooling and events going on in both of our lives. but we are enjoying this journey to august and the rest of our lives together. its such a blessing!!
speaking of our wedding, amanda auer, the mastermind behind In The Now Weddings + Events featured my bridesmaids look on her blog [here]. i am one of her assistants for weddings every now and again. oh how i wish i could help her with EVERYTHING. time and location doesn’t permit these wishes as much as i’d like. take a visit to her blog and show her some love!
next up – this weekend. hair appointment, picking up my wedding dress, family, ITN meeting, and friends.

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